How Much Do Pet Groomers Make?

By | March 25, 2016

How much do pet groomers makeThere are a few different types of employer that a pet groomer may work for.  This certainly has the biggest impact on how much a pet groomers make.  Another factor is going to be your experience.  Like anything, you’ll find that your specific amount of experience, as well as your physical location are going to affect exactly how much you are going to make.  Also, unlike many strict hourly workers, your pay is going to vary greatly by the number of animals that you get to come into contact with in a given year/week/day.    Dog grooming employment can be most easily broken down into three distinct categories.

Self Employment Pay Expectations

This is certainly the most difficult question to answer.  It is going to vary wildly, but an example should help us grasp the potential.  I have laid out a hypothetical example below.  Self employed pet groomers make better money than people who work for themselves.  We aren’t going to go into all expenses, but we’ll throw them into buckets such as “utilities”, “grooming supplies”, “rent”, etc…  Although you can expect to have jobs that can pay really well (such as grooming a Mastiff), you can also expect to have small jobs such as nail clipping.  We will assume an average price of $44 per dog including any tipped money.  You should be able to handle between 10-12 dogs a day without a bather.  You can reasonably expect to take care of a thousand dogs a month (Income 10 dogs x 20 work days= 200 appointments). With these numbers in mind, we will figure the money to be made.  We are going to assume that you’ve made the initial investment in grooming stations, blow driers, and grooming supplies.


 Expenses  Income
Rent  $2,000.00
Utilities  $300.00
Supplies  $200.00
Income 10 dogs x 20 work days  $8,800.00
Total Expenses:  $2,500.00
Total Sales  $8,800.00
Profit:  $6,300.00


Now certainly results may vary, but if you can stay busy it is possible to make over six figures as the owner of a grooming salon.  Or If you just want to work for yourself, like in the example, you can make well over $70,000 a year.   Just keep in mind that your results may certainly vary, but there isn’t a lot of overhead in grooming.  Scissors need sharpening.  You’ll be buying shampoo in bulk, but there is a lot of potential to make money.   If you only get 5 jobs a day, you’ll be barely over operating expenses.  This is why it is so important to have earned yourself a reputation.

How Much do Pet Groomers Make Working for Someone Else

The industry standard commission for a groomer is 50% of the job.  You can usually expect to make an hourly wage.  It is not going to be much.  Maybe a few bucks above minimum wage.  Now, if there is no work to be had, you can expect to make the minimum.  That is why it is so important to find work at a salon that can keep you busy.  If you do you can make a lot of money.

I have laid out another example below.  We have assumed an average commission per grooming session is $22.25 according to the good folks over at  Which proves that if stay pretty busy you can make around $244 a day.  If you do that math that works out to a $60,000+ a year career.  Who says this job is for the dogs?  Your results may certainly vary, but there is a lot of potential to make a great living.


8 hour work day  $8 x 8 =$64
half of 8 jobs  $22.50 x 5=$180
Total: $244


These results represent what certainly would be a best case scenario for someone seriously asking how much dog groomers make, because they are serious about entering the profession.  You’ll certainly not go into grooming and earn this pay.  It will take hard work and determination, but it can be done!

Pet Trainer Salary

Pet trainers fall into the same category from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Animal Care and Service Workers).  Although dog groomers certainly have a wide and varied income potential, dog trainers have an even wider one.  This is because what they do is broader.  They could train service dogs.  Service dog training takes years of experience to master.  The demand for these dogs has never been higher.  There really aren’t many educational requirements for this field as well.