How long do German Shepherds Live?

By | November 4, 2017

German Shepherds have been one of the best work and protection dogs, that’s why they are a favorite for many who wish to own a dog. One of the common questions that most people who are about to buy one ask is how long do German Shepherds live? Well, the simple answer is that they typically live between 8 to 16 years. I say typically because your German shepherd’s life expectancy is determined by several factors, some of which are determined by you. In that regard, let us look at factors that may shorten or prolong your German shepherd’s life.


Good Genes

German Shepherd Life Expectancy

It could be that your dog inherited genes for a long life, which is great although it’s something that’s out of your control. If that’s the case, then with proper care, your dog could live long and healthy. Such genes may also give your dog some immunity to common diseases that weaken the dog’s body and lead to an early death. You can tell that a dog has good genes from the way they tend to flourish even when fed a healthy diet and allowed to live in healthy life. Furthermore, a German shepherd with good genes will appear stronger, be a fast learner, and become more aggressive. They also tend to respond to treatment much faster compared to other dogs.


Bad Genes

On the flip side, your German shepherd could have inherited bad genes that make it vulnerable to most diseases that are life-threatening or weakening to dogs. While you have no control over that aspect of their life, it will still affect how long you are going to be with your German shepherd. It’s easy to tell that your dog may have the bad genes from the way they will respond to diet as they grow up and when they catch an infection. Even when you raise and train them in almost ideal conditions, they may still show signs of weakens because they never show the immense power and sharpness shown by those that inherited good genes.



Are you trying to raise a perfect breed? Well, that could be risky if you do too much inbreeding. Just like humans, dogs get affected by inbreeding. It leads to some bad genes being passed down the family tree and becoming dominant. The negative effects are greater if inbreeding happened on both sides of the family tree. While you may not be a dog breeder, it’s possible you bought your dog from someone who claims to be an expert in breeding perfect German shepherds, only for you to release later that you bought a dog that was inbred.

How long do German Shepherds Live

How You Care for Your German shepherd

As we have seen, you have little control over the above three factors that significantly influence your dog’s lifespan. However, you do have total control on how well you care for your dog as soon as they are born, or you buy them from a shelter or even a breeder. Proper care for your dogs starts from basic tasks such as:
• Having it neutered or spayed at the right time
• Protecting it from dogfights
• Offering them a clean living environment
• Providing them with a natural diet recommended for dogs
• Regular medical checkups and vaccines
• Give your dog an opportunity to exercise
• Early training for simple commands
• Ensure your digs gets proper dental care,
• Give him or her regular nail trimming and grooming
• Don’t take them to places that expose where they get exposed to ticks or fleas


Conclusion:  How long do German Shepherds Live?

Overall, proper care will ensure that they don’t fall victim to “opportunistic diseases” and succumb to an early death. We hope that you found this article on how long do German Shepherds Live to be informative and engaging. All the best as you help your work to give your German shepherd a long and fulfilling life.