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Best Rated Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dogs are just like humans in a lot of ways.  One way we are especially alike is sleep.  We both do it (dogs considerably more), and when we do, we really enjoy being comfortable.  Unlike humans, dogs age quick.  Many breeds have joint issues and arthritis before they are even ten years old.  An investment… Read More »

Can Dogs Drink Distilled Water?

If you are in the local supermarket and you happen upon the ever growing water aisle, you’re likely to notice water in the gallon form.  Popular varieties include spring water, filtered water, well water, tap, and distilled water.  Of those three, only distilled water has some really neat and desirable qualities ( and odd drawbacks).… Read More »

Can dogs eat blueberries safely?

One of them most common fruits in the American household is the blueberry.   Dogs are likely to get into them since they are small, round, plentiful, and roll away from the table easily.  But, can dogs actually eat blueberries?   They’ll try almost anything.  Dogs really love blueberries, but they’ll try almost anything, even… Read More »

Can dogs eat almonds?

People love almonds.  They are a superfood that are chocked full of nutritional benefits for humans.  Almonds have the best type of fat, and can provide an energy boost when you are feeling sluggish.    With all these benefits, more and more people have been wondering can dogs eat almonds?   While humans have no… Read More »

Can Dogs Eat Applesauce

Many of us have found a time when we just run out of treats for our four legged friends.  So we poke our head in the fridge or cupboard and see what we can’t use as a substitute.  Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon the applesauce.  This may describe exactly what is going on with you right… Read More »

Can Dogs Eat Green Peppers

One regular question on online pet or animal forums is; can my dog eat green peppers? The answer is that your dog can eat them, for example, stuffed green peppers. Your dog will enjoy them and may like a little of the puree or mince too. However, remember that you’ve to be careful when giving… Read More »

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Side Effects

All dogs are prone to suffer from bad breath but some breeds are more affected than others. The most effective way of dealing with bad breath in dogs is to make sure that their teeth are brushed regularly. However, there are other products that can help keep your dog’s breath fresh and TropiClean Fresh Breath… Read More »

Can Dogs Eat Cheerios?

A question many dog owners regularly ask is what foods are safe for dogs to eat and which foods are dangerous. Many dog lovers fret over whether the food their beloved pet stole from their kitchen counter is toxic for them.  If they did get up there and get them, can dogs eat cheerios?  … Read More »