By | November 16, 2017

Pet owners who have dogs have always been disturbed when their dogs come eat a wayward piece of food.  Dogs have also had varying reactions to food that they are given . So can dogs eat olives? And if they can, are they really good for your dog?

Can Dogs Eat Olives

Short Answer, Yes

So yes, dogs can eat olives since they are not toxic to them.  But then not being toxic doesn’t mean that you should feed olives to your dog all the time.  Just like any other meal, olive should be given in moderation.  Also, it doesn’t mean that any kind of olive is good for your dog. There are some rules you need to follow when feeding your dog an olive. Here is a look:

How to feed your dog olives

Before you feed an olive to your dog, make sure the pit (or seed) is completely removed. This is a mistake most pet owners make but they should know that the pit can choke your dog. If they chew it too, this can be bad to your dog’s teeth.

The best olive for your dog

The best form of olive you should give your dog is plain and unsalted olives. This means that you shouldn’t feed your dog on canned or pickled olive—such contain high levels of sodium and spices. The two types of ingredients normally lead to terrible health repercussions to your dog.

So you should always be careful when you are out there shopping for olives. There are many olive products in the market today. Other than just having sodium, most have been loaded with different seasonings/additives to boost the market appeal. But the best form of olive your dog should consume is one that’s in its most natural form.

It is also important that you only feed your dog olives that are fresh. So avoid old olives that has mold. That sounds like a duh sentence, but moldy olives can induce seizures and lead to tremors and this is bad for the health of your dog.

Black olives Vs Green Olives

There are generally two kinds of olives to choose from when it comes to olives, black olives and green olives. The two have always confused dog owners and most tend to choose black olives. Here is what you need to know.

Black olives are those that have fully ripened while the green olives have not completely ripened. In fact, that is the only difference there is between these two. So can dogs eat green olives? Both black olives and green olives are just fine to feed your dog.

Benefits of olives for your dog

Now that you have decided to feed olives to your dog, it is important to understand what you are giving it. Olives are a good source of protein and minerals like calcium. They are also rich in vitamins like A,E and K.

Olives have also proven to improve your dog’s vision and the coat condition. They can also improve the bone health and also help fight some forms of cancer.

How many olives should you feed your dog?

Feed your dog few olives.  Although they are incredibly healthy, they still can cause havoc to a dogs digestive system.  We here at DogCareLife recommend not giving your dog olives as part of their diet, but also not panicking if they happen to eat a few.