German Shepherd Wolf Dog Mix
Chances are if you’ve made your way to this page, wolf ownership is something that you’ve considered.  Many people who are considering wolf ownership end up researching the German Shepherd Wolf mix. The ideas is to mix the good parts of the Shepherd to (hopefully) temper the wild instincts of […]

German Shepherd Wolf Mix

What type of Food do you feed an English Bulldog
There are many proper answers when it comes to what the best English Bulldog puppy food would really be.  There is no perfect answer.  Instead, we will cover the criteria for what good puppy food looks like. Personally, whenever I look at food I prefer something that is produced in […]

Best English Bulldog Puppy Food

Paper Train Dog
People paper train a dog in hopes that they will learn to go potty in one particular section of the house. It is very nice for people who don’t want to leave a puppy in a kennel for a few hours, elderly people, and apartment dwellers with dogs. The name paper […]

How to Paper Train a Dog

Register Service Dog
Registering a Service Dog You absolutely do not need to register a service dog in the United States of America.  The rules and regulations of a service dog are governed under the laws set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Be very wary of websites that want you to […]

Service Dog Laws

There are almost as many dog breeds as there are stars in the sky.  In fact, dogs are quicker to evolve new characteristics than almost any other animal.  There are many types of dogs.  They range from over a few pounds to over a hundred pounds.  In the United States, […]

Dog Breeds

It’s relatively easy to start a dog daycare business.  We’ll show you exactly how to get your new business off of the ground.  If you are unclear as to whether or not this is something that you can handle, contact a local rescue and see if they would let you […]

How to Start a Dog Daycare Business

Petsmart Groomer Training 2
Petsmart offers a wide range of pet grooming services.  Many people are a little nervous about bringing their dog there because it is a corporate chain.  Their concerns are probably unfounded.  In fact, it’s very reassuring for the consumer to know that the person has passed some sort of background […]

Petsmart Grooming Academy

You should tip your groomer at petsmart 2
Lets get it right out of the way.  Yes you should tip your pet groomer!!  There are new first time dog owners every day, which means that there are constantly people (and doggies) going to the groomer for the first time.  Going to the dog groomer can be a very […]

Should You Tip a Dog Groomer?

How much dog groomers make
There are a few different types of employer that a pet groomer may work for.  This certainly has the biggest impact on how much a pet groomers make.  Another factor is going to be your experience.  Like anything, you’ll find that your specific amount of experience, as well as your […]

How Much Do Pet Groomers Make?